Inclusive Education


Inclusive learning is a priority, recognising that all students can achieve their potential when consideration is given to their unique social, emotional and academic needs.

Teachers are supported to implement high quality differentiated learning for students across the curriculum, which is complimented by a skilled team of student support officers resulting in the special needs of students being catered for. The support officers also provide targeted assistance to students with their sensory needs in a dedicated space known as the Nurture Room.

The school adopts a range of intervention programs either 1:1 or in small groups and elicits the support of the Department for Education and outside people such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists to ensure students requiring intensive support receive it. In addition students with additional needs are supported through the adoption of a One Plan which guides their learning journey in collaboration with parents and support personnel.

Disability Unit

The unit consists of two classes and is staffed by a mix of teachers and support staff including the Disability Unit Coordinator who manages the daily program of the unit.

The unit is founded on a belief that all students display unique qualities and abilities and therefore the unit is a place of fun, trust, acceptance, respect and learning. Those entrusted to work in the unit strive to assist each individual to enjoy a full life by teaching them to be as independent as possible, to reach their potential and have their needs met in a socially appropriate manner.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Program

This program supports ATSI students to develop a strong cultural identity and to achieve success in all areas in the curriculum, which is possible through ATSI perspectives being a part of the school’s learning program. The ATSI team provide support sessions for ATSI students in literacy and numeracy while incorporating cultural knowledge and ideas into these sessions.

ATSI students are involved in important events on the Aboriginal calendar including Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week and Closing the Gap Day. They also participate in excursions to local sites of significance to increase their cultural awareness.

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