Volunteering at Seaford Rise Primary School

Volunteering in a school is important as it can lead to real change in student’s lives, as well as assisting to create a happy, safe and supportive place for learning. Volunteering also has real benefits for the volunteer by connecting you with new people and building strong working relationships within the school community.

To maximise the benefits that can flow from volunteering, the following process is adopted to match you with the right role in the school before you begin to volunteer.

  • Initial application and discussion– during this step we will find out what skills you bring to the volunteer role and get a sense of who you are. It also includes a referee check, declaration and a ‘Working with Children’ check.
  • Reporting Abuse and Neglect (RAN) training – this will be offered face to face each term, or can be done on line.
  • Induction – We will give you the detail to complete this training using ‘Plink’ – our online training module.
  • Role description and signing the Volunteer Agreement form.

Things to consider about volunteering include;

  • What skills do you bring? (examples might be, love of reading, working in the garden, working in the canteen, mentoring a student)
  • When are you available? – Can you commit to the same time each week or fortnight, even if it’s an hour or part of a day?

Please contact with the school’s front office to pick up an application form and to make a time to meet with the Student Wellbeing Leader to see how you can add to the fabric of Seaford Rise.

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