Seaford Rise Primary School is committed to having an extensive range of communication channels to ensure school and home are consistently connected at the appropriate level. The following range of methods are adopted to provide information to the school community.

School Based

  • Skoolbag: This app is utilised extensively to update the school community about matters pertaining to the school community.
  • School Newsletter: This digital newsletter is compiled four times per term and highlights the life of the school through articles and images
  • Assembly: Whole school assemblies are held on a fortnightly basis in the gymnasium where students achievements are noted and classes outline to the school community what has been happening in their school life.
  • MGM: This messaging service contacts parents if their child has not attended school without a reason provided.

SkoolBag Instructions

Link to installation instructions

Classroom Based

Your child’s teacher will regularly communicate with you regarding their learning and overall development through the following methods.

  • Seesaw: This is an online communication tool that is used extensively between the classroom and home
  • Class Newsletters: Newsletters are made available to parents/carers on a regular basis to outline the learning intentions for each term and highlight matters of interest occurring in the classroom.
  • Teachers are available to be contacted by email in work hours and they will endeavour to reply within two working days
  • Acquaintance Night is held in the second week of the school year at which teachers will overview their expectations and hopes for the class and provide information to parents that enables the classroom to operate smoothly throughout the year
  • Formal written reports are issued to parents in Term 2 and 4 with a Three Way Conference (child, parent and teacher) held in second term to discuss the formal report

Communication is central to positive relationships and therefore if you have any questions concerning your child’s learning you are encouraged to meet with their teacher in the first instance at a mutually convenient time.

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