Seaford Rise Primary School


There are currently 18 classes, with 21 teachers, 9 of whom are Early Years, 9 Primary Years, and 3 Middle Years teachers, 5 specialist teachers, 5 disibility unit support staff, The Arts, PE, Japanese and Special Needs. The ancillary staff are deployed as a Receptionist/Front Office, Business Manager, ICT support, Classroom support for student learning needs and Special Education, Library and Grounds. We also have an OSHC program working in partnership with Camp Australia.

Staff Structure

Name Role Area
Andrew Messenger Principal Administration
Chris Tippett Deputy Principal Administration
Lara Hildebrand Counsellor Administration
Cheryl Ellbourn Front Office Personnel Administration
Deb McCann Business Manager Administration
Jackie McCormack School Council Chairperson
Sue Gregory OSHC Director E4
Sue Ramsay SSO / Classroom Support
Sonya Millar SSO / Classroom Support
Ellie MilesSSO / Classroom Support
Bronwyn StewartSSO / Classroom Support
Leeanne KeherSSO / Classroom Support
Lynne Duffy SSO / Classroom Support
Val Barker SSO / Classroom Support / Library Library / Classrooms
Hayley Foley Canteen Manager Canteen
Lucas DiBartolo Computing Support Officer
Stuart Neild Grounds Person
Sherry EllsworthThe ArtsF4
Gail Carragher The Arts F5
Burda SandersAboriginal EducationE3
Jae GillettAboriginal EducationE3
PJ McConachy Physical Education Gymnasium
Lyn Scott Special Education E5
Yayoi Okuda Japanese E2
Kimberly Spry Disability Unit Teacher / Coordinator J1
Fiona Matthews SSO / Disability Unit Support J1
Elysse Wicks Disability Unit Teacher J2
Clare TaylorDisability Unit TeacherJ2
Mariane Van Antwerpen SSO / Disability Unit Support J2
Bobby Krishna Teacher - Early Years H2 (Rec/Yr 1)
Adrian Fitch Teacher - Early Years H3 (Rec/Yr 1)
Katerina Chrisakis Teacher - Early Years H4 (Rec/Yr 1)
Jodie Dawe Teacher - Early Years H5 (Rec/Yr 1)
Lauren Maslin Teacher - Early Years G2 (Yr 1/2)
Heather Love Teacher - Early Years G3 (Yr 1/2)
Bev Opie Teacher - Early Years G4 (Yr 1/2)
Sue Hage Teacher - Early Years G5 (Yr 1/2)
Tash Couzner Teacher - Primary Years I1 (Yr 4/5)
Tony Burrows Teacher - Primary Years I3 (Yr 3/4)
Amy Lord Teacher - Primary Years I4 (Yr 3/4)
Kylie Mechis Teacher - Primary Years I6 (Yr 3/4)
Margaret Hart Teacher - Primary Years I7 (Yr 3/4)
Katina Athanasos Teacher - Primary Years I9 (Yr 5/6)
Jo Beazley / Linda Laughton
Teacher - Primary Years I10 (Yr 5/6)
Jess Proepster Teacher - Middle Years C2 (Yr 5/6)
Margaret Ford / Sherry Ellsworth Teacher - Middle Years C3 (Yr 6/7)
Fiona Nicholls Teacher - Middle Years C4 (Yr 6/7)