Seaford Rise Primary School

Curriculum Frameworks

The Australian Curriculum is foundational to the teaching and learning program of Seaford Rise.  This curriculum is broad and holistic, whilst also recognizing that learning is developmental and built upon prior success.  This curriculum is enhanced by the DECD ‘Teaching for Effective Learning’ framework.

Seaford Rise is committed in delivering an ongoing inquiry based learning program across all year levels which recognizes the inherit qualities and uniqueness of all students.  Also, Seaford Rise views Literacy and Numeracy as priority learning areas as proficiency in these areas not only transfers across students’ learning, but are essential for students to be active and compassionate citizens in an ever changing world.

The school values technology as a valuable tool for learning. Students are able to access ipads (R-2) and laptops (3-7), plus have the availability of a fully equipped computer suite.  In addition all classes have access to interactive whiteboards.  Currently, specialist teachers are responsible for Japanese, The Arts (media, music, drama, dance and visual arts) and Physical Education.


a)   Mainstream: Under the direction of the Special Needs Coordinator, students with learning needs are supported in various ways including

·         Negotiated Education Plans

·         School Support Officers – within and outside the classroom.

·         DECD Support Services – including speech pathologist and occupational therapists.

b)      Disability Unit ( J suite)

The unit consists of two classes, junior primary supporting students from R-2 and primary supporting students from years 3 -7.  Each class is staffed with a mix of teaching and support staff led by the Disability Unit Coordinator, who works across the unit to develop programs and practices designed to meet the individual needs of students.

We believe that all our students are extraordinary and display unique qualities and abilities, and therefore J Suite is a place of fun, trust, acceptance, respect and learning. This includes being involved in a rich excursion program including swimming. We strive to assist each individual to enjoy a full life by teaching them to be as independent as possible, to reach their own potential, to develop an internal focus of control and to get their needs met in socially appropriate ways.